Disgaea RPG 3 Star Guide!! Which to Keep & Which to Use for Awakening!!

Disgaea RPG 3 Star Guide!! Which to Keep & Which to Use for Awakening!!

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Intro (0:00​)
Dark Knight (1:20​)
Pirate (3:18​)
Professor (4:19​)
Lady Samurai (5:40​)
Ninja (6:59​)
Celestial Hostess (7:50​)
Celestial Host (8:59​)
Felynn (9:40​)
Succubus (11:28​)
Serpent (12:34​)
Living Armor (13:21​)
Dragon Zombie (14:22​)
Death (15:01​)
Horseman (16:08​)
Ninetails (16:35​)
Hoggmeiser (17:36​)
Bear (18:13​)
Twin Dragons (19:01​)
Dragon King (20:05​)
Chimera (20:49​)
Flora Beast (21:53​)
Armor Knight (23:01​)
Rifle Demon (23:50​)
Prinny V3 (24:53​)

・Greatly appreciate this, can’t wait to see which units I’ve wasted! Ahaha

Also “I don’t wanna make this a 30 minute video” only wanted a 27 minute one then huh?

・A lotta people were looking for exactly this! Thanks a lot, the time and content is appreciated.

・Honestly, thank you. I have been looking everywhere for this!

・Hoggmeiser and Noble demon are different units. Hogg has the 10% HL gain, Nobles have the 6%. So he’s actually just slightly better than the Nobles.

・Been here sitting with my Felyn and Fox girl day 1 for Desco. Wish the jp server released more 3*s to the pool after Disgaea 6 release.

・Thanks for the video. I’ll keep my eye on some units for sure. I’m basically keeping all 3 stars for now

・Very useful guide for f2p thanks. As someone else mentioned the Hogmeisser is a unique nether noble character from Disgaea 1 so he is a better version. Please make another video for good 2 star units too since I am a collector like you and will be pushing them to NE10.

・le gasp! Do you not know the tale of the Pringer V? You should play Disgaea 1 or Netherworld History. It’s prolly around chapter 5 I think, it’s before Jennifer and Gordon story iirc.

・Can’t even get a single reply on the discord page, anyone know why that is?

・I’m keeping them all and getting all to NE10. Only gonna use them as fodder after they are finished, not just for collection purposes, but also because I never know what teams I will want to make in the future. Good video though for those that are in a rush to grow their units. Cheers!

Pringer is distributed periodically through events if I remember correctly (haven’t played my jp in a while). He might also be on prinny banners.

Hoggmeister (10%) and Noble (6%) are different units.

・Would you recommend to just use them as fodder if I’m F2P? I’ve heard there’s a system in JP which incentivizes NE10 units. I’ve been NE-ing my 2* and 3* units so far and I dont know if it’s hurting my progression.

・Thanks a ton. Looking to get one unit to 6 star for the homework and little things like this help reduce that extreme cost.

・This is very great topic I have been looking for. Many thanks.

・Hoggmeiser is actual NPC with some story on Disgaea 1 that’s why he has better passive (hl + 10%) then the generic Nobles(hl + 6%).

・I surprised there was no mention of the JP system that boosts your units based on # of reincarnations (boosts basic stats), # of awakening (boosts weapon stats), and # of NEs (boosts cheat stats). All characters fall into one of 6 categories, and doing the above will provide global buffs for any unit you get that is in that same category.

Definitely keeping a copy of every unit. Once my main team is maxed out, it’ll be way easier to start messing with new comps, and quickly power level the other units to start preparing for that feature drop!

・I awaken all my 3 and 2 and 1 stars . I want everything with max NE atleast 1. And im f2p

・This should have happen week one of the game when promoting it,next video tell us how many quartz to play daily after two weeks when you start the game thank you.