Overlord’s Global Launch TIER LIST! (STARTER UNITS) – Disgaea RPG

Overlord’s Global Launch TIER LIST! (STARTER UNITS) – Disgaea RPG

・Preregistration: https://disgaea.onelink.me/t9w6/f65c30ac

My Discord: https://discord.gg/YRSHPdQ

・I have decided to go for Killia because he is a nice dood even though he looks edgy as hell

・I’m staying up on Monday so that I can download this when it hits 12 AM

・Thumbnail turned out good dude you dont need me to change it lmao

・Getting more hyped everyday! 2 more sleeps

・Time to make a team full of different color prinnies

・I’m dropping some 🤑.

・I was about to give up on disgaea coming to mobile then I heard this game was coming global

・I am looking forward with disgaea vids!

・nice meow… i ll make full monster team

・tommorow everybody gert hype if you whaling get you lr funds up

・Can’t wait for the launch

・I’m gonna pull for mao, cause disgaea 3 was my very first disgaea game I’ve ever played. And I really like mao as a character as well.

・Woke up to see the game downloaded overnight, but it won’t be available for another 7 hours D: I think I’m gonna try to reroll for either Adell or Raspberyl and Desco. So hard to choose though!

・Thanks :)😊😉👍

・Going with waifu desco or rozalin from the initial 4* stars

・I’m so torn on who to reroll for I might go valvatorez but laharl and killia are lit

・Me: man I’m all Caught up on my Youtubes now I’m bored.

Then you go and drop this gold Nugget on us…nice!

Edit: Gotta wait till 22:00

・3 more days!

・I just wanna know….. Is Mao any good?

・Don’t spend money on it, don’t spend money on it …

・Second, dang it

・Torn between laharl and desco

・Tier list without the tier.